Athena Voltaire


The 1950s. The dawn of of the Hydrogen Age, Rock and Roll and the Space Race. And we discover we are not alone. Those who have the knowledge, fortitude and desire must be in the forefront to protect the world around us. It's an era when the war is cold, men are men, and monsters are everywhere. It's time again for the Terranauts by Don Secrease and Paul Daly.

Supernatural Crime!

Take a midnight stroll down the rain-slick streets of Port Nocturne, where the acrid scent of gunpowder hangs in the air like cheap perfume, where every dark alley comes to a dead end, and justice is... blonde. Femme Noir by Chris Mills and Joe Staton @ SupernaturalCrime.com.

Wherever men live, be they nomads or city dwellers, there, they must have a law and a man to enforce it who is strong, decent, and believes in the rules he defends. Such a man is... Will Eisner's JOHN LAW by Gary Chaloner.

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